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1. I don't see what I'm looking for, can I get a custom item?

Yes - Custom designs are available for a variety of products during limited runs.
Contact for more details -

Dakimakura: Available 1 per month -
Printing times vary

Charm: Available - COMING SOON

Sticker: Available - COMING SOON


2. How long will it take to receive my order?

In Stock purchases are shipped within a week
(PLEASE NOTE: Some delays may occur while our country is effected by COVID-19)

Pre-Orders will be shipped as labelled in the item's description


3. What is this shop's return and exchange policy?

Returns are not accepted. Please be confident in your purchase. 

Exchanges are ONLY available if you received the wrong product
(The shop will take full responsibility for shipping fees) or if there was a mistake in the purchasing process (The customer will be responsible for all shipping fees)


4. Do you ship outside of the U.S.?

Yes. There are increased shipping costs.
Unfortunately we are unable to ship to the UK as of this point 


5.  How can I stay up to date with new products?

Just Products -
Casual Posts -
Most Posts -


6. Is there another way to show support?

Want to support my work but not looking for a physical item?
Patreon is the best place to go ♡ Hi-Def images of my work

Link -





1. What is a dakimakura?

Dakimakura translates to hug pillow. 
My personal presence in the community is encouraging more casual lights on this style of merch ♡


2. So they are for fun? lust? jokes?

Yes - the purpose of a dakimakura can vary person to person and that's respected here. 


3. What's the difference in sizes?

Full Size (50x150cm / 20x60in) is your standard body pillow case.
Usually done with peachskin (polyester) but majority of our designs are upgraded to 2 way fabric for a smoother touch. 

3D (40x70cm / 16x28in) is a smaller version of the standard BUT only made in 2 way fabric. This allows for the stretch need to place the 3D inserts. Sewn in pockets are made for convenient removal.


4. Where can I get a pillow to fill my case?

Full Size - Online is going to be your best option for a properly sized filler.
They are on the expensive side.

For a more convenient method - I recommend buying the american sized body pillow (at least 50cm wide) and stuffing the bottom with an average pillow. It can cause lumps and a small gap but it will get the job done.


3D - Memory foam fills the best. Make sure the filler is properly sized. Though due to the nature of the material stretching, some larger sizes will do but be cautious.


5. Your designs looks familiar but I don't see in the store?

My products are constantly cycling so it's likely that it's out of print.
Though you can find a timeline of my work at the link below


If it was something else, feel free to write me to confirm. 




1. What types of charms do you sell?

Acrylic - These charms are all double epoxy which allows a smooth rounded feel to every design. An easy click clip comes on each one 

Mini Dakimakura - These are a softer charm made specifically to replicate the dakimakuras, but in a more compact form. Each comes with a strap cord attachment. 




1. Some of these characters aren't familiar?

A bundle of my designs are Original Characters.
The product line of monsters is called Napping Nightmares 
Each design is based on an eerie or deadly thing in the world.


 2. Are your OCs from a series?

Currently most of my original work is just for the designs themselves. 

Though Dreg is a WIP series that will hopefully start releasing soon.




1. What can I put them on?

Anything - My stickers currently on made with weatherproof material and should last a good amount of time on water bottles, vehicles, and other surfaces.




1. I have a question about products not here?

Feel free to message me anytime -




1. What exactly does this mean?

This means every order I send to you will be sent out in compostable, recycled, or reused materials. Working with this method helps me get you great products without sacrificing the planet ♡

Working with Noissue allows me to provide packaging with Soy Ink, Acid Free Paper, Water Activated Tape, Compostable Mailers and FSC Certified materials.

If you have any questions about the process you can find a bundle of additional information on their site.


2. What parts are eco-friendly?

Mailers - Currently I am working my way through 2 types of mailers.

The first is the usual manila envelope

  • Recycled content — Product contains 20% total recycled content, including 20% postconsumer content, helping you save resources and reduce waste.

The second are Kraft Mailers from NoIssue

  • Printed with soy-based inks, made from 100% FSC-certified recycled paper, and are compostable.

Protective Paper Packaging - Ranpak Ready Roll

Expanded honeycomb design wicks away potentially damaging moisture.

  • 100% Paper based and can be recycled. Ready Roll is also biodegradable so even if it ends up in a landfill it will quickly breakdown.

Bubble Wrap - Reused and repurposed 

Comes from previous sources so it doesn't get used once and done.

  • These can come from personal packages, bulk shipments of product, and other sources. When using I encourage others to reuse them as well 

Tissue Paper - Soy Ink, FSC Certified, and Acid Free Paper

Custom Tissue Paper provided by NoIssue

  • Paper products that make up our printed tissue paper are sourced from a forest and supply chain that is managed responsibly and sustainably.

Stickers - Soy Ink, FSC Certified, and Acid Free Paper

Custom Stickers provided by NoIssue

  • Paper stickers are made from cellulose fiber where the active acid pulp is eliminated during processing

Tape - Currently I am working my way through 2 types of tape.

The first is Scotch 

  • ONLY in use till run out and/or my second tape comes in

The second is Custom Water-Activated by NoIssue

  • Water-Activated allows to print on non-glossy/wax-coated paper.

Stamp - Soy Based Ink by NoIssue

Reusable for over 10,000 impressions

  • Stamper made from over 65% post-consumer plastics; which gives plastic materials already in circulation, a second life.


DISCLAIMER - Noissue order won't arrive until April. Our packaging is currently recycled/reused but IS NOT compostable