• I don't see what I'm looking for, can I get a custom item?
Yes, if you click over the "Commissions" tab you will be directed to the appropriate product listings
If you have any questions concerning timing or the process:
Email me at AllKindsOfYES@yahoo.com

  • How long will it take to receive my order?
Any product listed as "In Stock" will be shipped within a week.
Shipping times will vary on shipping method and postal services. 
"Pre-Orders" will have a shipping date attached to the listing.
Please keep an eye on socials for more frequent updates. 

  • What is this shop's return and exchange policy?
Returns are not accepted - Please be confident in your purchase. 
As for exchanges - ONLY available if you were shipped the incorrect item to what is on your purchase.
The shop will take full responsibility for shipping fees if we sent the incorrect product.
The customer will be responsible for all shipping fees if incorrect product is due to ordering the wrong item.

  • Do you ship outside of the U.S.?
Yes - Increased shipping costs will vary on country.
Unfortunately we are unable to ship to the UK as of 2021

  • How can I stay up to date with new products?
Newsletter ♡ Sign up for monthly newsletters, upcoming conventions, exclusive deals and general updates.
 Another option is following my various socials UPDATED HERE

What's that product?


  • What is a dakimakura?
Dakimakura directly means "Hug Pillow". 
There are a few types of fabrics they are printed on but this shop specifically prints on 2 Way. Which is a stretchy smooth material that allows a perfect fit to our fillers. 
Previous designs were printed on Peach Skin. Which is a polyester fabric that can be comfortable to most but we upgraded to 2 Way for those with more sensitive sensory needs. 
This shop's goal is to shine a more professional light on dakimakura makers ♡

  • Aren't they just for NSFW purposes?
No, dakimakuras are for all ages and reasons. Some of the types you might encounter are cute animals, comfort characters, original characters, IRL partners, funny objects, or anything really you can think of. 
Everyone has their personal reasons for customizing their pillows and we're here to help you find that perfect fit. 

  • What sizes do they come in?
The standard Full Size for us is 50x150cm (appx: 20x60in)
Usually designed with the characters actual height in mind.
160cm is available for custom designs.

A second option we provide with our 3D designs is 40x70cm (appx 16x28in) The designs are made with single or double plump inserts. Usually focusing on the bust but can and has been used to expand the stomach, props, or bottom features. 
The material is always 2 Way to allow stretching for the inserts. As well as pockets being sewn in for insert removal. 

The final Mini size comes as a 10x3.5cm (appx: 4x1.5in) charm with attachable strap. They are lower res versions of the Full Size designs available. 
Each one does come fully stuffed.

  • Where can I get a pillow to fill my case?
Full Size pillows can be found right here on the site
For the 3D designs it is best to fil with a firm pillow.
Bedroom sections of your local retail stores should have a good variety. 

  • I can't find a design I thought you sold?
Products do cycle and it's possible I no longer print the design anymore.
Most of my designs are still available on my portfolio and social media accounts.
If you're still unable to locate, you are welcome to reach out to me for confirmation.


  • Why is my product foggy and scratched?
All acrylic products come with a safety plastic attached to it for protection in transportation. You can remove the piece by peeling at the edge of the piece or VERY CAREFULLY pulling it up with a x-acto knife 

Eco-Friendly Shipping

  • What exactly does that mean?
It means every order is packaged in compostable, recycled, or reused materials. This method helps me get you great products without sacrificing the planet ♡

  • What parts are eco-friendly?
Small Mailers - Product contains 20% total recycled content, including 20% postconsumer content, helping save resources and reduce waste.

Large Mailers - Printed with soy-based inks, made from 100% FSC-certified recycled paper.
Recyclable or Compostable 

Protective Paper Packaging - Ranpak Ready Roll
100% Paper based and can be recycled. Ready Roll is also biodegradable so even if it ends up in a landfill it will quickly breakdown.

Bubble Wrap - Reused and repurposed 
Comes from previous sources so it doesn't get used once and done.
I encourage others to reuse them as well ♡

Tissue Paper - Soy Ink, FSC Certified, and Acid Free Paper
Recyclable or Compostable 

Stickers - Soy Ink, FSC Certified, and Acid Free Paper
Recyclable or Compostable 

Water-Activated Tape allows to print on non-glossy/wax-coated paper.
Recyclable or Compostable 

Crowd Funding